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cartoon drawing of a green plastic army man

General, we're under attack by and their forces from Beyclic Scard! You'll have to fight against their army of cards. You will be sending our forces into battle turn after turn and whoever is mightier will win. In the event of a stalemate you'll have to send two waves of reinforcements and follow it up by a single winner take all showdown. If you do enough damage to the forces from Beyclic Scard we will be victorious!

Good luck, General. We're counting on you...

You will be playing the card game war against a computer opponent:

  • A single card is played each turn.
  • The high card (Ace high) wins that turn and the played cards are collected into the winners pile.
  • In the event of a draw (war), two additional cards are played followed by another card to determine the winner. The winner collects all the cards.
  • Play continues until one player wins 70% of the deck (36 cards).
  • At any time, the player can call a ceasefire. This results in a draw.

Forces Remaining:

Cmdr. Andrew

red card face down

blue card face down

Score: 000000

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Forces Remaining:

score: 000000